New Player and Stadium Stats added for the T20 Blast

The month of May should have seen the climax of the 2021 IPL season before moving swiftly onto the rescheduled PSL but unfortunately, Covid-19 had other ideas!

However, at T20 head to head we haven’t let the lull in action prevent us from getting on and adding new data and pages to the site for a tournament that we all hope will be able to begin on time and with in-stadium supporters to boot, the T20 Vitality Blast.

The site now contains head to head player statistics for the squads of all 18 sides competing in the Vitality Blast this year. We’ve also upgraded the site itself so that you can access all these statistics with the page itself.

View T20 Blast head to head player stats

Here’s what the new in page head to head reports look like!

Equally, we’ve added player statistics at all 20 of the grounds that are scheduled to host a Blast match this summer and you can find a full list of stadium records both of which can be found below.

Player records by venue

Stadium statistics and records

As the tournament progresses we’ll also add powerplay and death over stats for all 18 teams and the top players in those particular phases as well as player/team articles and records.

The T20 Blast begins on Wednesday, 9th June with Lancashire Lightining hosting the Derbyshire Falcons, don’t miss out on the most up to date stats on T20 head to head

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