Batsman vs type of bowling IPL statistics

The batsman vs bowler type statistics gives an overview of all current IPL batsmen and their record against six different types of bowling. The types of bowling are

Right arm fast medium (RFM)

Right arm finger spin (RFS)

Right arm wrist spin (RWS)

Left arm fast medium (LFM)

Slow left arm (SLA)

Left arm wrist spin (LWS)

These stats provide a great tool for seeing how individual batsman match up against the different angles and movement of certain bowlers. The basic stats provided are balls faced, runs scored, wickets, average and strike rate.

Our IPL player stats batsmen vs type of bowling are no longer available but they will return when the tournament hopefully restarts later in the year. In the meantime, check out head to head stats for these current T20 leagues

Guide to using the form

Quite simply, select the bowler type from the drop down menu and then either type in the surname of an individual player in the batsman field or select an entire side by choosing a franchise in the batting team field.