Death over stats IPL 2021

The below details statistics in the last 5 overs of an innings from IPL 2021 including each team’s average death overs run rate and the batsmen with the best strike rate during the death overs as well as the best bowling economy at the death for a bowler and each team’s economy rate in the final 5 overs in IPL 2021.

For the purpose of these stats, the last 5 overs are considered to be the death overs.

IPL 2021 death overs stats last updated to include games played 13 October 2021

Average death overs score by team in IPL 2021
TeamAverage score in death overs
Average death overs score IPL 202147.03
The average score is calculated by multiplying a team’s RR at the death by 5.
In reality not every side will complete 5 overs at the death in every match
Average run rate in the last 5 overs by team in IPL 2021
Batsmen with the highest strike rate in the death overs in IPL 2021
BatsmanTotal death over runsStrike Rate at the death
MA Agarwal52226.09
RD Gaikwad97225.58
AB de Villiers206221.51
AT Rayudu125208.33
SA Yadav55203.70
SM Curran55196.43
SO Hetmyer136194.29
min 50 runs scored in the last 5 overs of an innings IPL 2021
Bowling economy rates at the death by team IPL 2021
TeamEconomy rate at the death
Average economy rate in the last 5 overs in the IPL9.41
Average bowling economy rate at the death by team in IPL 2021
Bowler with the best economy rate at the death IPL 2021
BowlerTeamEconomy rate last 5 overs
A NortjeDC6.87
Rashid KhanSRH7.00
JJ BumrahMI7.50
Mohammed SirajRCB7.53
S KaulSRH7.67
DJ BravoCSK8.09
JO HolderSRH8.24
min 50 balls bowled in the last 5 overs of an innings IPL 2021
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