How can I play Dream11 outside India?

Dream11 is the official fantasy partner of the IPL

Dream11 is the official fantasy cricket site for the IPL and in this guide we’ll show you how you can play Dream11 from outside India.

Across the web, you’ll find a lot of complex solutions to the problem of creating a Dream11 account from outside India but in reality, if you are just looking to join the official IPL league or take part in any of the daily games that run free of charge then it’s a very simple process to play Dream11 outside India even without an Indian mobile phone number.

EDIT FOR IPL2021: Please note that Dream11 is unwilling to meet he GDPR (data protection) restrictions imposed on companies who wish to operate in the EEA as well the UK and as such if you are a resident in one of those countries you will first need to access the site using a VPN. If you have already tried to access the site without a VPN I would also suggest deleting your browser history first and then connect to the VPN and sign-up. The below steps can then be followed

Step 1: navigate to the Dream11 register page

Step 2: you’ll be taken to the following page. From there opt to login with a ‘Google’ account*

If you don’t have a Google account then you’ll need to create one (it’s free and fairly simple) and I’d recommend leaving it logged in on the browser that you are going to use to register on the Dream11 site.

Step 3. If your Google account is already linked to your browser you’ll automatically have a Dream11 account created for you even if you are outside India but you’ll be asked to provide an Indian mobile phone number so that the Dream11 site can send you an SMS containing an OTP.

If you’re outside India it’s unlikely you’ll have an Indian mobile number!

However, don’t despair. You can simply click the back button as show below and you’ll be able to skip this part of the Dream11 registration process.

4. That’s it! Even if you are outside India you should now see that you’re logged into the Dream11 site and you can begin playing and selecting teams for the daily and tournament based fantasy competitions – Enjoy!

It should be noted that this guide is how to play Dream11 from outside India using a browser. I have not been able to download the app on an iPhone and use it to play Dream11 from outside India. There are a few guides out there that suggest you can do so by changing the location of your app store and then downloading a vpn (usually at a price). I tried this method with my vpn and it didn’t work therefore if you want to play Dream11 from outside India then I’d recommend sticking to the site via your browser.

Of course once you’ve registered for Dream11 from outside India you’ll want to make sure you are selecting the best team possible. Use our unique and in depth T20 stats for free to help you select a winning fantasy cricket team.