IPL player statistics by phase of the game

Here you can find statistics specific to the performance of both batsman and bowlers during certain phases of the game including the powerplay and death overs. We have broken down the phases of the game to the following

Powerplay overs 1-6

Middle overs 7-15

Death overs 16-20

If you want to see what Chris Gayle’s strike rate in the powerplay is, how often MS Dhoni hits a boundary at the death or how difficult it is to stop Virat Kohli rotating the strike during the middle overs then this is the report for you.

The stats within this report include number of balls faced/bowled, number of runs scored/conceeded, total dismissals/wickets taken and strike rate (both batting and bowling)

Our IPL player stats are no longer available but they will return when the tournament hopefully restarts later in the year. In the meantime, check out head to head stats for these current T20 leagues

Guide to using the form

To select a phase of the game begin typing one of the three mentioned above (powerplay, middle overs or death overs). The field has an auto-fill option so you only need to begin typing and the option will appear.