Most no balls in an innings in the IPL

Below is a list of the teams and IPL matches during which the most no balls in an innings have been bowled. The record is jointly held by 8 teams all of whom have bowled a record 4 no balls in a single IPL game.

TeamOppositionYearNo balls in the innings
Rajasthan RoyalsKXIP20084
Rajasthan RoyalsKKR20084
Deccan ChargersKKR20084
Rajasthan RoyalsKXIP20094
KXIPDelhi Daredevils20094
Mumbai IndiansDeccan Chargers20124
Pune WarriorsMumbai Indians20114

I’m at a loss to explain why the record for no balls in an innings in the IPL was more prevalent in the earlier years, especially given that technology is now being used to monitor the bowler’s front foot and therefore it would seem logical that they would catch more no balls rather than less. Perhaps that Rajasthan side which was responsible for 3 of the records for no balls in an IPL innings was happy to push the line (quite literally) in search of success – that sounds like the kind of thing you’d expect from a Shane Warne side.