Virat Kohli record as an opener in T20 cricket

The debate over whether Virat Kohli should open the batting in T20 cricket will rage on. Here we consider his record and stats as an opener inc. his average, strike rate, record in the powerplay and the influence that Kohli opening the batting has on his team as a whole. Let’s begin with the topContinue reading “Virat Kohli record as an opener in T20 cricket”

KKR Team Preview IPL 2021

Kolkata Knight Riders were in the midst of a transition period during last season’s IPL. Here we preview their chances for the 2021 season and consider whether KKR have been sufficiently reshaped to the extent that they can challenge at the very least for a playoff position if not a 3rd IPL title. KKR TeamContinue reading “KKR Team Preview IPL 2021”

CSK Team Preview IPL 2021 – Bowling

Here we preview the CSK Team ahead of IPL 2021 and consider how the bowlers the men in yellow have at their disposal might be able to lead the Chennai based franchise back to its former glory after a disappointing season last time around. CSK are renowned for their slow bowling options which prove veryContinue reading “CSK Team Preview IPL 2021 – Bowling”

Which players stand to benefit most from the IPL’s neutral venues in 2021?

In this blog I consider which batsman and bowlers are the biggest winners and losers from the way the IPL 2021 season has been scheduled.

How will the neutral venues that each side now faces, impact the outcome of matches and potentially the tournament as a whole.

Which batsman has been bowled the most number of times in the IPL?

Batsman bowled the most times in the IPL For any batsmen hearing the infamous death rattle as the ball dislodges bails, turning to see a stump cartwheeling past the wicket keeper or watching the triumphant bowler, palms aloft sprint past you to celebrate with his jubilant teammates are all fairly traumatic experiences to say theContinue reading “Which batsman has been bowled the most number of times in the IPL?”