IPL head to head player statistics

IPL head to head statistics can be used to a valuable insight into player match-ups throughout the 2021 tournament.

The below report shows the head to head stats of all players appearing in the 2021 IPL. Each batsman’s statistics against an individual bowler are shown including the number of balls faced, runs scored, wickets, average and strike rate.

Want to see Jasprit Bumrah’s IPL head to head record against Virat Kohli or how Andre Russell matches up against Rashid Khan, then this is the data for you! See below for a guide on how to use the IPL head to head statistics report.

We aim to update player head to head stats on a daily basis and within 24 hours of matches being completed in the IPL

IPL head to head player stats are now closed. They will return in advance of the 2022 season. Please use the menu above and select current series or tournaments for other head to head stats

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Guide to using the IPL head to head player stats report

To search IPL head to head stats between a batsman and bowler, simply type in the surname of the players in question like in the example below

The IPL head to head form will work on a ‘contains’ basis so for example if you only want to type the first part of a players surname (‘Koh’ instead of ‘Kohli’) it’ll provide the statistics.

You can also search a specific players IPL head to head record against an entire team. So for example if you wanted to see Kohli’s IPL head to head record against the 2021 Mumbai Indians bowling line-up you would search as follows

Data on all IPL head to head reports can be sorted where necessary by clicking the heading. In the example we see Virat Kohli’s IPL head to head record v Mumbai Indians sorted by the bowler of who has dismissed him the most number of times.

Powerplay stats IPL 2021

View head to head stats for the the powerplay in IPL 2021 as well as the top performers in the first 6 overs