IPL head to head

T20 head to head contains a huge variety of statistics and records from the IPL spanning both players and venues as well as tournament specific data. Some of these stats are only available during and just before the IPL season itself.

While the IPL remains suspended our player stats will be unavailable. Once a date for the IPL restarting is announced we’ll be sure to re-release the IPL player head to head and stadium statistics with any relevant updates to the draft.

IPL player statistics

IPL venue statistics

Detailed statistics of all the venues being used in IPL 2021

IPL Player Records

We have a huge number of IPL player records on our site but a few of the most popular include

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IPL Stadium Records

Our IPL Stadium records give a history of the highest and lowest scores at each IPL venue as well as a variety of player records including the best bowling figures and top score by a batsman at each ground.

IPL 2021 Tournament Statistics

Our IPL 2021 stats are updated on a match by match basis